Kicked into survival mode by the Brexit referendum, the EU stood on its tippy-toes, waved its arms, and roared through its media mouthpieces. Alas, most Brits were not frightened into submission. They were mad as hell and not willing to take it any more.

The mandated placement of “refugees” in EU nations against the best interests of those nations’ citizens is rightfully cited as a major source of discontent. But there is more to EU mandates than forced acceptance of foreigners.

Thanks to EU “green energy” mandates, Indonesian and Brazilian rain forest is burned and converted to oil palm, soybean, and sugar cane plantations. Meanwhile, forest is cut in the Southeast U.S. and pelletized for use as a less-efficient fuel for coal-burning power plants.

Millions of tons per year of these “biofuels” are produced with fossil-fueled machinery and shipped to Europe and the UK in cargo ships powered by some of the dirtiest-burning fossil fuel on Earth.

It’s mandated anti-ecological insanity.

Brexit is the “end of the world as they like it” for global corporations who will no longer be able to bribe just one especially corrupt regulatory agency to pave their path to guaranteed profits.